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The entire PNPmembers site has changed: The menu system is all new, new addition,snew style, cleaner and more organized, totally revised and now includes a ‘rollover feature, which means, when the cursor (‘mouse’) is rolled over a menu title and ‘pawsed’ (if you will ;-)… a short description of the topic for that page related to that menu option pops-up.

We’re done with the “heavy lifting’, but are still at work upgrading, adding pages and adding and changing content, and we need your assist, when we do this kind of work and we are close to it, we don’t always notice the obvious — Please help us by reporting ‘bugz’; If you notice problems please contact us and provide detail describing what is not seemingly wrong, what you like to see changed, added or removed.

This message will be updated often as we install new pages and enhance your direct access for future convenience and function. Stay ‘tooned’ to this station.
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20121111-PNP-873x668-xThis is the official PNP website. We’re here and open for business. Vast improvements & additions are being added and with your help, we will continue to improve.

We are all new again, most everything! Top to bottom, and side to side, in our new virutal office. It feels like we’re on the ~100th floor looking for and wanting to assist all PNP members.

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This site is provided exclusively for information sharing related to your: neighborhood, patrols, PNP activities, block watch, newsletters and projects, precinct and citywide. And all for your education.

This site is powered 100% by volunteer PNP helpers under the guidance and leadership of Detective Brian Kornegay, Citywide PNP Coordinator.
Funding for real expense, such as annual site hosting, software and our register domain expenses is assisted by our PNP, Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grants.

Tests are being made with other computers and other browsers, as we check for compatibility with all of the above. You can help! When you notice anything that will add to or enhance this (your) site, click the following link to email your comment to us:
We have a library full of all of our past history, and a lot more!

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This site provides a citywide communication tool for members to create friendships and share questions, experiences and successes.

“We are patrolling with a purpose!”

We have a library full of all of our past history, and a lot more! As soon as we are able, we will continue to improve the site for you.

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