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Blogs – Heavy duty message hauling – Got blogs?:

Blogs (web logs) are website pages (referred to as ‘posts’) on which an individual or groups of users record (share) opinions, information, etc. Think Working Groups (like a committee, without hierarchy), with an easy flow of communications; the style of this message is in blog form (related messages that are threaded or follow): if you saw the front (home) page, and while reading the ‘about’ notice, and you began to read the intro on the home page, you were asked to “read more…” you were directed to this subject page! Maybe you have not recognized that fact, but this is the simple blog style that Internet users see every day in normal browsing use.

There is a difference, between a true ‘blog’ and a ‘web page’. The difference is, on a blog, members of the blog, may be able to “post” (send a message) to the blog to ask, answer, reply teach, socially interact and much more. What you are reading here is referred to as a ‘page’ primarily because there is no interaction required or allowed from the reader.

As you can see just in this page, we also have the ability to easily insert graphics, and illustrations, and… well… you know… illustrations can be worth a whole bunch of words. For example:!

By now you are now beginning to see some of the fun and enjoyment of belonging to the PNP group and its activities.. read on!

The image above is from Jerry Cline (it could be one of your pictures!), and it shows the center of activity at one of our patrol events “1st Friday” at Roosevelt and 5th St Phoenix, Az. We patrol, and report crowd problems to “Command” with special radios, thel Phoenix Police dispatcher then relays the report to local officers on the beat and is managed as needed. Send your images to ADMIN@PNPMembers.com

This website, a part of a crime prevention program, and is in part, funded from your tax dollars granted under the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grant Program. All personal administrative time is from PNP volunteers, but expenses such as hosting and www.pnpmembers.com  domain name support, real $$$ expenses are assisted with grant money (When you “shop Phoenix” your taxes help to pay for this site). Also, Please support PNPMembers.com by telling us what you want and need to see here. Click Admin below to send email.

• Crime stop Report suspected Crime:       602-26-26-151 — Say it with rhythm!

This adventure is entertaining and educational, and on this journey we encourage you to get involved and take part in the fun of the experience.

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