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The core reason for PNP training – an overview

Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol  (PNP) trained members are multipliers. They are local (civilian) individuals with a passion to protect and serve their neighborhood and community. PNP members’ are groups of neighbors who replicate their local Phoenix Police Department’s patrol officers (those who drive through our neighborhoods in search of problems). PNP members are trained to recognize and report suspicious findings for their local area, and to never get involved! They see, they call, they report, and they back away for their own protection – They’re trained!

PNP training teaches the basic needs of how to observe and report. There are no dues, no obligatory rules, except to be watchful, aware, and being careful and reporting by phone what you see. If something you observe just does not seem right to you. That’s it! Make the call!

The next time you’re driving to the grocery store and you see what looks like a crime that happened or seems to be happening call 911. This may be something you want to do anyway, and we just teach you the best and safest way to do it.

PNPr’s trained observation skills:

  • Include the understanding of situational awareness (aware of what is happening around them),
  • Their familiarity and knowledge of the local neighborhood plus their willingness to communicate with 911 or CrimeStop 602.26.26.151 increases the intensity and quantity (volume) of the Phoenix police patrolling force in their own neighborhood

– PNPr’s are part of what is happening in a neighborhood that cares!

We patrol with heart and pleasure for the purpose of enhancing our local police patrols, thereby enforcing our own neighborhoods’ safety, increasing neighborhood protection at no cost to the taxpayer.

We, PNPmembers, each do our part!

…and we would like you to be part of our neighborhood team, helping us to help you.

There are several stages of PNP training:

Training Introductory & Schedules

This is most important and the very basic training PNP class. The basic class where PNP methods are taught… This class will change the way you think about self protection, your family, your pets, your property and your community!

Training Libility Audio File

Continuing Education

This training is taught in special classes, generally quarterly (see  on the 2nd Wednesday. Learn how a NET (Neighborhood Enforcement Team) SWAT, or GANGS teams work. Learn what you need to do and to know so you can ride with your local patrol team. Tour the Jails, the Crime Lab and more.

Preparedness — Be Ready

CERT, VRT and other related local and federal disaster related classes (more to follow).